Murtaza Edries

Managing Director
Economics, Private Sector Development, Entrepreneurship, SME Growth
Afghanistan. United States.
Our work circles around our belief in the true potential of the Afghan people in building a prosperous nation -- despite the many challenges. It's this belief that motivates us to keep serving the country.

A dynamic entrepreneur and executive with two successful exits and currently leading fast-growing consulting ventures in Afghanistan and the United States, Murtaza is an economist and international development practitioner with over 12 years of continuous contribution and investment in Afghanistan, improving lives through business and entrepreneurship. He has led major programs of up to $50 million in portfolio value and dozens of projects in the areas of private sector development, economic growth, and job creation. Thousands of entrepreneurs have benefited from his consulting, media, and training programs. Murtaza conducts extensive research in the country and helps guide the development of policies and programs for investment and economic growth in Afghanistan. He is also an alumnus of the Fulbright in the U.S. and Chevening in the UK. He founded BusinessDNA - Afghanistan’s premier magazine - in 2018 and led it into a popular brand, where he continued to serve as the Editor-in-Chief until the end of 2020. To best catalyze a community of business executives, entrepreneurs, and investors, he has established the Afghanistan Business Summit, a mega gathering built to create investment opportunities through the exchange of ideas, resources, and networks in the country. He works between Afghanistan and the United States with an immense interest in supporting international development through investment, trade, and business exchange.