Training on Customer Relationship Management for SME Loan Officers

August 2018

The purpose of the training was to provide a five-day practical training and workshop enhance the knowledge and skills of the group of SME Loan Officers in soft-skills in basic people, products and relationship management; research-based relationship management, advanced relationship management, and deeper learning of FMFB’s product mix. The training strongly enhanced professional capabilities of the SME loan officers in order for them to build and manage relationships with their customers more effectively.

The primary goal of providing the training was to enhance the professional capabilities of the SME loan officers of the client organization, First MicroFinance Bank (FMFB), in order for them to effectively and professionally carry out their duties as loan officers. The project covered training in soft skills including basic people, products and relationship management, research-based customer relationship management and advanced customer relationship management. Innovian designed and developed a practical and interactive training to instill a uniform and standard approach to client acquisition and on-the-ground marketing by the loan officers to enhance their abilities to draw in clients and increase their individual portfolios. Subsequently, Innovian provided a ToT for FMFB’s own trainers.

The Customer Relationship Management training curriculum had five main modules as follows:

Module 1: Introduction & Team Building

Module 2: People, Products and Relationship Management Module 3: Basics of Relationship Management

Module 3: Basics of Relationship Management

Modulle 4: Research-Based Relationship Management

Module 5: Advanced Relationship Management

Innovian's approach in the training was focused on skill-building and shifting of attitudes and mindsets. This proved to be the right approach because many of the participants were very experienced and knowledgeable but needed advanced skills to manage customer relationships more effectively. The officers appreciated the opportunity to practice new skills, use new tools, and interact with each other.

Four of FMFB’s trainers from the Training Department participated in the ToT session for Customer Relationship Management. The ToT was guided by a curriculum that combined training methodology with technical review of the actual material.

According to the feedback of the client to Innovian's trainers, all of the employees were very happy with the training and suggested for their peers in other departments of FMFB to attend a similar training. Based on a training evaluation form, the trainees rated the different aspects of the training very high. In response to the question whether the participants would recommend the course to their family and friends, they ranked Innovian's training excellent, with a near-perfect net promoter score.

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Release Date:
August 2018

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